Handsome Merlin

Posted: January 31, 2015 in Photography
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Handsome Merlin!

Handsome Merlin!

One of my best pictures I’ve taken of Merlin, I wish I had gotten this picture before I had him shaved into a lions cut. They cut too much of his ruff off.

  1. Dee says:

    sweet fuzzy little fella. what’s his personality like? is he a good mouser? have you ever painted him (like oil painting)? i did one of my cats, she was a beauty! ya never stop missin’m.


  2. Thanks! He is a love bug, energetic, and he is a great hunter. Once he caught like 20 birds in a week, but not since we moved because they don’t go outside anymore. No fence ): I haven’t drawn him, but I should. I have one of Tau and I. I’ll post that tomorrow.


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